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Monday, October 25, 2010

Yellow Stuff

While a bit more gold than yellow, these products were worth their weight in gold to me (well, almost).

When our barely 9-year old kitchen faucet sprung an unfixable leak (shouldn't stuff last longer than that?) my husband and I went shopping for a new faucet. Found a nice one. Got to thinking, how is this perfectly polished new stainless steel addition going to look mounted on our 9-year old scratched up stainless steel sink? Not replacing the sink.

After googling some solutions that varied in price and effort, I opted for the mostly effort idea of Bar Keeper's Friend. Wow, was I impressed with the results. The majority of the scratches and stains are gone.

Directions: Take a damp sponge and lots of Bar Keeper's Friend and rub in the direction of the way the sink is polished. When one arm is about to fall off, change arms and rub some more. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Takes a lot of effort but well worth the end result. I topped it off with a final polish of Brasso.

The faucet directions started with this disclaimer: The hardest part of installing a new faucet is removing the old one. Believe it. My determined husband spent hours on this, folded up like a pretzel under the sink cupboard battling corroded, poorly designed fittings. In the end David and a drill won the day. So thanks, David, for giving up your Saturday afternoon in yet another home improvement project.

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