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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Yellow Stuff

What better way to welcome the first day of summer than a touch of yellow.  It reminds me of the hot summer sun. 
My sister, Becky, has a creative knack with outdoor arrangements on her country property.  Check out this vintage bicycle she just painted a warm yellow and added to her chicken coop display.  It stands out in stark contrast to the lush greenery behind it and is balanced with other repetitions of yellow.
 Contrast, of course, is a main principle in any art or quilting composition.  Without contrast, there is no design.  Here are a few examples of strong contrast using yellow. 

Whether you're gardening or quilting, consider adding a splash of cheer with some yellow stuff.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Texture in Quilting

In nature, texture is everywhere.  The bark of these two trees have highly contrasting visual texture.  One is silky smooth and the other deeply rough.

Whether smooth or jagged, the lines we add via quilting create a perceived texture.  Jagged lines give the dog unruly fur.  

Flowing, curvy lines give this sky a sense of movement.
Straight lines reinforce the "boards" of the green door.
Cinnamon rolls are defined by round swirls of dark brown thread.  Lines on the cake stand base continue its curved shape.
Experiment with a scrap quilt sandwich and try your hand at creating texture with thread.