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Friday, February 7, 2014

Chocolate Brown

Yesterday I attended a "Chocolate 101" lecture/tasting by a local chocolatier and got to sample several varieties of my favorite treat.  I learned that some chocolates are of single origin (made from one type of cocoa bean from one location).  However, most chocolatiers create their own unique blends using several types of cocoa beans from different locations.  Chocolate blends are the signature of the maker.

Quilts, too, are the signature of the maker and are created with a variety of fabrics.  This giraffe is constructed of a wide variety of brown fabrics, creating interest and depth.

The floor in this quilt uses many brown fabrics to look like wood planks.

Brown fabrics can resemble milk chocolate or dark chocolate.  This deer is a hybrid of the two.

The body of this birdhouse is one fabric but the "doors" are darkened with fabric pens.  It's a lot easier than appliqueing those small pieces.

Brown is a blend of colors and often gets overshadowed by its showier cousins like red and green. But brown has an important role to play in nature, in quilts and certainly in chocolate.  Brown deserves some special attention.