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Friday, October 1, 2010


As a member of PAQA I'm entering a piece in the upcoming challenge: Art and Science.

Considered the Father of Taxonomy (science of classification) Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus published his first edition of Systema Naturae in 1735. His mantra: “God created, Linnaeus organized.”

The images of Systema Naturae and Linnaeus's signature are printed on June Tailor Quick Fuse. The edges are burnt to add to the illusion of age.

The surname Linnaeus refers to a linden tree. In the 1700's most Swedes had no surnames. According to Scandinavian tradition, Carl's father was known as Nils Ingemarsson (son of Ingemar). When Nils attended the University of Lund, he latinized the name of his family's ancestral lands, Linnegard, and adopted it as his surname for registration purposes. The name Linnegard was derived from an ancient small-leaved linden tree (Tilia cordata) which grew on the family property. Nils gave his son the name Carl Linnaeus.

Background fabric is stamped with linden leaves (from my neighbor's yard) skeletonized by Japanese beetles.

After pressing the leaves in a dictionary I painted them with Lumiere Metallic Olive and stamped them on white fabric. After the stamped images were dry I put a light wash of color on the fabric using diluted Tsukineko all purpose inks.


Judy Warner said...

What a fascinating background! Thank you for sharing how you did it.

Rachel said...

You're welcome, Judy. The leaves were surprisingly tough. I used the same leaf for most of the fabric before it started to protest by falling apart.

Editor said...

Thanks for this. Reminds me of the work of Nova Scotia's Laurie Swim: