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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

French Village

This fabric is called Renoir's Village. I still have a couple yards of it for another project. But really, I just like to look at it and imagine walking a narrow cobblestone street in France and soaking up the view.

The fabric is used in this little quilt, French Village, made using Karen Eckmeier's Accidental Landscapes technique based on layering and topstitching the landscape. I cut out houses from Renoir's Village to tuck into the landscape.

Check out all of Karen's creations on her website, The Quilted Lizard:


Elaine said...

Wow! That's a great idea. When I see fabric like that I have a hard time cutting it up. But your quilt is wonderful and you still kept some of the fabric to look at. Thanks for showing it.

Rachel said...

Thanks, Elaine. The fabric has such a variety of colors it could easily be combined with gold, pink, blue, green or brown for another project.