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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ann Fahl's Latest Booklet

Applique Ann's Way, Ann Fahl's newly available booklet, is a clearly written and illustrated reference on multiple ways to cover the raw edges of applique designs.
All my applique is raw edge fused. Other than an occasional foray into satin stitch I finish the edges with what Ann refers to as "Open Zigzag Applique." I guess I've got that down pat. But wait, there's more! How about all the other interesting methods Ann describes like "Decorative Stitch" (who doesn't like decorative?) and "Messy Stitch" (I'm pretty sure I can achieve this).

Then there's step-by-step instructions for the gorgeous "Florentine Edge" treatment (pictured on the leaves below). Wow, it's stunning! I really need to branch out and try something new.
Summer Sanctuary (Ann Fahl) close up

Applique Ann's Way is 36 pages packed with tips and tricks Ann has learned to help her create award-winning applique quilts. One sentence in the booklet really says it all: This is how it is done. As a master at applique, Ann will show and tell you how it is done. For more on Ann's work and to order the booklet, visit Ann's website.

(photos courtesy Ann Fahl)

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