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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Celebration: The act of observing a day or an event with ceremonies. Easter (just around the corner) is a celebration I sometimes refer to as the Superbowl of Christianity; the day of Christ's final victory over death. For me it's real, personal and the reason for my hope in this life and the next. So, time to celebrate!

This colorful, lively quilt looks like a party.
In this detail image of Celebration, note how the curved quilting lines continue the effect of movement. The lines were accurately marked with washable pen and easily quilted with the walking foot.

These angular quilting lines enhance the central radial motif.

Happy quilting and Happy Easter!


annieQ said...

Wow, this one is a beauty!

wordpoet55 said...

I love the design of this quilt and the colors are just eye-catching! Thanks for sharing it...