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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Juicy Orange

Crystal Fire is a strong visual example of contrasting colors: orange and blue, yellow and purple.
The predominant color in this bold little quilt is orange. (detail of Crystal Fire)

Orange and yellow are two colors often used to create a glow as seen here in Tropical Radiance.

In this compass clock, orange provides a strong support for the dark blue hands indicating 5 o'clock. (detail of 24/7)

In the upper left corner, the dark blue quilting around the perimeter of the orange "X" helps the color stand out more distinctly against the background.

Here again blue and orange make a happy marriage. Opposite really do attract.


Madison McPheeters said...

I like Crystal Fire's color scheme. :)

Rachel said...

Thanks, Madison. It's kind of a wild and crazy piece. I can almost hear it pop and sizzle.