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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Touch of Black

Sometimes all it takes is a touch of black to sharpen a design. In Midwest Gold, a single ply of black yarn is couched around the yield sign and between the two background fabrics to clearly separate and define the lines.

Black tulle creates the tractor's windshield. Black text stands out distinctly against the light background. The decorative machine stitch around the tires uses black thread.

Celebration uses a black background to make the foreground pop out.

Black thread blends into the black background. I like the effect but achieving it was challenging. Black on black is hard on the eyes.

Bits of black are scattered evenly across The World. The hemisphere circles use black fabric. All text is done in black Pigma pen.

Some of the quilting is done in black thread (facial features of the sun).

1 comment:

annieQ said...

Black always adds drama and high contrast. It makes every other color sing!