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Saturday, June 18, 2011

King Eternal

Sacred Threads is an exhibition of quilts exploring themes of spirituality, joy, inspiration, peace/brotherhood, grief and healing. The biennial exhibition opens June 22 and runs through July 4 in the Washington DC area including the work of nearly 140 artists. This year there is a liturgical category. I made King Eternal for this exhibit.
Thread can be used in quilting for different effects. In this detail image thread used on the red and yellow fabrics matches the fabric to blend rather than stand out. However, I sewed a line of dark thread between the yellow and red fabrics to create a more distinct separation of color. Red thead is used on the purple fabric to call attention to the angular design. Brown thread is used (pre-quilting) to make thorns on the crown of thorns.

This quilt is a re-work of the center image in Arms of Love.

Fandango (see below) will be displayed in the Joy Category. The inspiration for this design was a painted Italian terracotta plaque circa 4th century BC.

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