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Sunday, September 12, 2010


Orchidaceous was made for a special exhibit at the Miami Orchid Show.

The shapes are fused with Wonder Under and edge finished with a small zigzag stitch. The exception is the orange wavy line. If you want a 1/2" wide finished strip, cut bias strips 2" wide, joining them with bias cut edges. Fold the full length strip wrong sides together and stitch just slightly wider than 1/2" from the folded edge. Trim close to the stitching line and iron with the stitched area down the middle of the strip. This will be hidden as it is the back side of the strip. The bias cut makes it flexible enough to bend into the desired shape. Pin at close intervals before stitching very close to the edge on each side.

To coordinate the quilt top and back, I often use up fabrics leftover from the quilt top. Each back is unique and more intriquing than a one fabric back. Of course, that's great, too, if you have that much yardage, which I rarely do.

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