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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Construction Techniques

How is a pictorial quilt like In the Quiet constructed? Basically I used two techniques.

First, the main quilt is put together using the applipiecing technique I learned from Caryl Fallert at her Soaring Compliments workshop. She also offers a workshop on CD at:

This involves drawing a full size reverse-image pattern on freezer paper, a detailed construction plan, starch, a hot iron and assembly with tiny zigzag stitching. My main quilt includes the walls, fireplace, bookcases, floor, rug and chair.

Second, many of the smaller details (picture, sconces, cat, flames, teapots, plant, book, etc) are fused with Wonder Under. Raw edges are finished with a small zigzag stitch.

Shading is worked with fabric paint and pens. Even the choice of thread enhances or detracts from the overall image.

A quilt with this much detail requires a similarly detailed construction plan. Usually that's a result of trial and error on previous quilts! It's always helpful to start small when trying a new style or technique. There's no substitute for just diving in and seeing how it goes.

See my post "In The Quiet" in July for a couple more images of this quilt.


Elaine said...

Thanks for this post. It's a good beginning and gives me a start.

Roolen said...

So interesting.. I love all details - great work..And hope what I'll be able make something like that.. Sometimes...

Rachel said...

Thanks, Marina (Roolen) I really enjoy seeing what you're doing on your blog. You have a great color sense. (check Marina's blog--see the last entry on My Blog List)