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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Focus on Thread

Fabric generally steals the show in quilts but I'd like to focus here on thread and the credit it deserves in our quilts.  Threads for quilting or embellishing can blend with the fabric or stand out as a design element.  
This dog is cut from one piece of neutral fabric and then quilted with a darker thread to create fur.  The edge of the green checked pillow is a single piece of  white fabric with darker thread creating the illusion of ruffles.
Nautical map lines on this compass quilt are done with a heavy contrasting thread.
Buttonhole stitch draws attention to the squares in this octagon quilt.
Satin stitched thread eliminates the need for fusing the veins in these large leaves.
Black thread creates the spider web as well as the outline of the sun's facial features.
The next time you open that drawer of thread, take a moment to focus on how thread "makes" your quilt.

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