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Monday, October 7, 2013


One important design principle is the use of repetition, whether in shape, fabric, color or quilting. Canterbury Cathedral's central ceiling is the basis of this quilt design. Gothic architecture included a lot of ornamental work of interlaced lines. Repetition is evident in many of the lines and shapes in this design called Celestial Splendor.

A common symbol is the quatrefoil which is a leaf-like design of four foils or lobes. It's used here at the intersection of these lines as well as in the center of the quilt (shown in the next image).

The quatrefoil is alternated with the trefoil symbol, a stylized three-lobed leaf.

By way of color repetition, all straight lines and most of the circular bands are royal blue. Along with the cloudy sky background fabric, the lines and bands anchor the fluctuating color changes of orange, green, pink, blue and yellow.


annieQ said...

I will repeat myself: wow, wow, wow!

Carmen Mendoza Martin said...

Hi Rachel!

It's really amazing, colourfull and lively.