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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hand Quilting

Since the year 2000 I've been machine quilting to maximize the quantity of quilts I can produce. For quite a few years before that I hand quilted and love the unique relief resulting from the individual stitches.
For travel I like to have a handwork project. I've been making very slow progress on this piece for the last eight years. Although it isn't finished I decided to post images as I just spent some time stitching on it this week when on a trip to see my mom. She calls it my travel quilt. It shows up with me every time I visit. The pattern is "Breadfruit" by Elizabeth Root in her book Menehune Quilts . . . the Hawaiian way.


Quilter Kathy said...

A fabulous idea to have a travel quilt to take with you... just think of all the great memories it will hold for you!

Rachel said...

Thanks, Kathy. Yes, the first great memory of this quilt is that I bought the fabrics in Hawaii!