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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thank You

All quilters owe a big Thank You to so many individuals who inspire and teach us. This tiny quilt, smaller than a placemat,was made several years ago as a gift for a Chinese friend. It's based on the marvelous work of Jane Davila. Click Here for Jane's site loaded with creative energy. The applique is fused, trim and yarn binding are couched. I learned the yarn binding technique from Wendy Butler Berns. The text ("Xie Xie", the Chinese character for thank you) is done on a lightbox with Pigma pen. Talk about fast and easy. Many thanks to Jane, Wendy and so many other quilters who help us "hone our craft." If I wasn't so absorbed in getting a large quilt completed (more on this later) I'd be tempted to design some placemats for my kitchen table.

1 comment:

annieQ said...

This will work well as a wall piece too, in a larger scale. It's beautiful in it simplicity. I love the way the piece is balanced with the vertically placed rectangles on the left.