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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Yellow Stuff

What would we do without our rotary cutters? "Back in the day" we cut each piece with a scissors, and often not too accurately. With a rotary cutter all straight line (or gently curved) pieces are cut precisely and quickly. Let me emphasize quickly because, in a moment, this razor sharp tool can become a hazard.

Recently I was--unwisely--rotary cutting while watching a favorite HGTV show. What's the rule? Never take your eyes off the cutter when you're using it. Well, I violated that rule and paid the price with a deep slice to my index finger and nail. My neighbor, who is a nurse, patched me up and declared it would not require stitches.

So this is simply a public announcement for safety first . . . and gratitude for how efficient rotary cutters are when used properly!


Madison McPheeters said...

I hope your finger heals quickly!

Rachel said...

Thanks Madison, my finger is well on its way to recovery. My nail will take a little longer but no worries.

annieQ said...

Perhaps all quilters should have a little first aid kit in their sewing area! Quilting is more dangerous than we think!