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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The World

Introducing my quilt, The World, which can be viewed in the judged show at Quilt Odyssey, 7/28-31, in Hershey, PA. Also, my critique group (Robbi Eklow, Ann Fahl, Beth Gilbert, Denise Havlan and Annette Hendricks) has a special exhibit called Fiberistic Journeys where you will find four of my quilts: Arms of Love, In the Quiet, Delicious and 24/7.

Antique maps intrigue me. Here's a fabulous example from 1626 by John Speed.
For years I toyed with the concept of a map quilt. Finally I settled on the idea of portraying the genesis of the world in the style of a double hemisphere map.

The hemispheres were traced from design to fabric with the aid of a large light box improvised from an expandable dining table, an old window and a lamp. Pigma pens and Inktense pencils brought the hemispheres to life.

The zebras are drawn and colored directly on the ground fabric. Cacti are appliqued; their flowers are painted.

Stay tuned for more posts on The World.


Judy Warner said...

Beautiful artistry!

Rachel said...

Thanks, Judy. This was a fun, challenging piece to assemble!

Caron Carlson said...

Fabulous as always Rachael! Please contact me, I am a member of Prairie Star and we would love to have you lecture in the year 2012-2013. Thanks in advance! Caron Carlson