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Thursday, May 26, 2011


My posts titled "Yellow Stuff" are limited to yellow images. In the interest of expanding the scope of some, hopefully, inspirational visuals and thoughts I'm adding a new posting category: Encouragement.

Encouragement's definition: To inspire with hope, courage, or confidence; to hearten.

It's a broad topic so anything goes. Today I'm reflecting on our recent vacation to North Carolina. Vacations have a way of infusing encouragement just by the change of scenery and schedule. These images "hearten" me.

Connemara Farms, Flat Rock, NC. Home of Carl Sandburg and his wife from 1945 until Mr. Sandburg’s death in 1967. Mrs. Sandburg owned and operated the Chikaming Goat Dairy. This little guy is a direct descendant of her champion goats.

Sandhills Botanical Gardens, Pinehurst, NC

Sculpture in the Sandhills Botanical Gardens, Pinehurst, NC

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