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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chromatic Transitions

Back to my latest quilt, Chromatic Transitions (Feb 1, 2011 post). As you can see in this work-in-progress image, there are a number of places where a foreground shape is attached to two or more different background fabrics.

The following pieces (shown from the back) are examples. The foreground shapes are backed with Wonder Under fusible web. Using an X-acto knife I gently sliced halfway through the release paper to expose the part of fusible I was ready to work with. That way I could fuse the piece to its loosely cut background before cutting away the extra fabric.

A lightbox is invaluable for accurately trimming away waste.

The finished quilt . . .


Quilting Diva said...

wow! I wondered how would you have different fabrics in your background. Thank you for sharing. You're very talented!!!

Lori said...

Amazing! I am so wowed by your quilt.