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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Bob Eckstein is the author of The History of the Snowman. The earliest snowman illustration Eckstein found is in a religious manuscript, Book of Hours, written about 1380 and preserved at the Royal Library in The Hague, Netherlands.

Snow sculpting was popular entertainment during the Middle Ages and a way for artists to display their talents at winter festivals. Even Michelangelo sculpted snow figures in 1494 in Florence, Italy, and during an event that became known as “The Miracle of 1511” in Brussels, Belgium, artists and nonartists alike populated the city with 110 snow people in scenes with social and political meaning.


annieQ said...

Where is the yellow?

Rachel said...

Ha! I guess the yellow morphed into a red heart on the snowman.

Max Dohle said...

1380. This showmannen is a jew punished by Fire for the death of Jesus.