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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lady in Red

I'm a member of PAQA (Professional Art Quilt Alliance.) Occasionally we participate in a small quilt challenge. You can view several of our challenge exhibits online at:

Modeled after a hydrant next to the Lutheran church in town, Lady in Red was one of my submissions to the PAQA Water Challenge.

Here's some hydrant trivia by Curt Wohleber.

The ancestor of the fire hydrant is the even more humble fireplug, a term often still used. Fireplugs date back from at least the 1600s, when firefighters would drill holes in wooden street mains to provide water for bucket brigades. Afterward, they stopped each hole with a wooden plug and marked the location in case the plug was needed again. After fire destroyed three-quarters of London in 1666, the city installed new mains with predrilled holes and plugs that rose above ground level.

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